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Artwork Requirements
How to Place an Order
(1) QUANTITY:  Show total quantity desired.  It is industry standard and quite normal to expect + or - 10% of quantity ordered.  Specify if you need EXACT quantity and we will make that notation on your order.

(2) SIZE AND DESIGN:  Supply as much information as possible with your sales rep including dimensions of labels or tags and supply computer ready art if possible.  (see line 13)
Delivery of Files:
File type required:
Zip Disk,
CD or 
Email  to
Editable PDF,
Illustrator CS3 or
JPEG (as a last resort)
Files for email can be sent as an attachment and may be compressed using Stuffit or Drop Stuff.

Please include a copy of all images and fonts used in the file (MAC files are ALWAYS preferred)
(3) TOOLING, COATINGS OR LAMINATION:  Specify whether labels or tags are perforated, pin-fed, laminated, over-coated with a varnish or need a crack and peel on the back of the label for easy removal of the liner when the product is sheeted. Your sales rep can help you with any question you may have on different laminations or coatings.

(4) COLORS TO BE PRINTED:  List all colors needed unless image is 4 color process, use the Pantone matching book, your sales rep can provide one to you unless colors are already listed by your graphics provider.  PLEASE PROVIDE A SAMPLE TO YOUR SALES REP ESPECIALLY ON CUSTOM MATCH OR COLOR MATCH JOBS.

(5) LIST NUMBER OF COPIES OR ITEMS TO BE PRINTED:  Color changes are billed at $8.50 per color AFTER original colors are printed.

(6) LABEL OR TAG MATERIAL:  Specify what kind of stock is to be used on your job, if you are not sure, consult your sales rep.  We use stocks in Gloss, Matte, Semi Gloss, Uncoated and some wine label texture finishes.

(7) ADHESIVE:  Specify what kind of adhesive you need on your labels, we provide permanent, removable, all temperature and cold temperature adhesives. Please Note: If labels are being applied in warm temperature and entering the freezer environment we use all temperature adhesive, UNLESS the label is being applied in the freezer, then we use cold temperature adhesive.

(8) DATE REQUIRED:  Our normal turn time to complete a job is generally 2 weeks, 80% of our jobs produced are completed in 1 week or less, if you need your job done sooner, please let your sales rep know, there may be a rush charge if another job is delayed in order to produce your job as a rush order.

(9) FINISHED PRODUCT:  Please specify if there are special instructions on how you need your labels to be completed:  Sheeted, fanfolded, on rolls (quantity per roll - standard is 1000 per roll).  If labels are automatically applied to the product, we need to know rewind copy position.

(10) APPLICATION AND USE:  Specify what your labels are going to be applied to; if not sure, let your sales rep know.

(11) PROOFS:  We will email or fax you a proof of what your label or tags will look like; please look over proof carefully and once proof is approved, we are authorized to produce the job as approved.

(12) PLATE CHARGES:  A plate is required for each color.  This is a one time charge and plates are not rebilled.

(13) ​ART CHARGES:  Art preparation if we create your design can be an additional charge depending on the complexity of the work and time involved, your sales rep will let you know of any additional charge in his situation.

(14) FREIGHT:  All orders shipped FOB Kirkland Plant.

(15) TERMS:  ​NET 20